Monday, May 20, 2013

Who says accountants can't be creative!?!

Now that all athletes are tied to their electronic tracking devices of choice, several smaller companies are thriving off the various accessories needed to make these addictive computers visible and functional. There's no secret that Garmin is still the leader in cycling GPS units so most of the aftermarket accessories are only suited that brand. I haven't had any issues putting my computer on my stem but this year I'm running a +6degree rise which tilts the screen, making it difficult to read.

My friend James, tech editor for Cycling News, tested the above mount made specifically for Garmins a few weeks ago. Other than being way too expensive for what it was, there was nothing wrong with it. He already had another mount that he preferred so he said I should see what I could muster up. Since I was looking for something just like this for my Timex Cycle Trainer, I decided to pull out my creative card.

It's definitely not the fanciest alteration out there, but it's fully functional. Unless you bend over and look underneath the mount on my bike, it's completely camouflaged and works like a charm! Even Bryce, Mr. Engineer, was slightly impressed!

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