Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fun in the kitchen

I've been doing my best to embrace this whole 'cooking every meal at home' thing and I have to admit it's really not all that bad. Definitely time consuming but I'm trying all sorts of various GF/DF recipes and trying to replicate some of our previous favorite dishes. Pizza was the one thing we ate all the time and even though you can find gluten free dough options at many local Boulder restaurants, dairy free cheese hasn't quite made it that far. Luckily Whole Foods is a 10min walk from our house so we've got plenty of DF alternatives right at our finger tips. The two pizzas above were made with Bob's Red Mills GF pizza crust but there are several other recipes that are delicious as well. I promise they taste as good as they look :)

Allen Lim and Biju Thomas recently came out with their second cookbook! The Feed Zone was a huge hit and we still make several items out of it on a weekly basis. This new book is comprised of recipes designed to bring along as ride/training food and is my new go to for snacks on the bike.

Powerbar has been one of the best sponsors over the past 7 years but unfortunately, all of their bars have gluten and dairy in them. Their gels, fruit smoothies and gel blasts are fantastic but sometimes I just need something with more substance. The Feed Zone Portables has numerous recipes that fit our dietary needs and are fun to make. This week we made the Blueberry/Chocolate/Coconut Rice Cakes. It's as simple as making Calrose rice, mixing in coconut milk/raw sugar/salt/lemon juice then putting blueberries and DF chocolate chips in between two layers of rice in a 9x12in pan. Cut them up, wrap 'em in foil and you have ride food for several's AMAZING! Bryce made French Toast muffins over the weekend and they might be his new favorite. Check it out if you are in the market for good and wholesome goodies while working out.

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