Monday, April 29, 2013

Back on the home improvement front

After a little hiatus from working on the fireplace, we got back on it this past weekend. Hosting Flora's graduation party on May 10th may have been a little motivation to crank it out :)

After some drywall work to cover up the gaps on the old fireplace, we covered the bottom brick with some 3x6in marble tiles.

Then we started working on the wall tile. The mosaic is definitely tricky to work with but definitely worth the extra hassle!

We still need to grout, touch up and mount the TV back up, but it's almost done! I know Bryce was a bit concerned about the mosaic but we both couldn't be happier with how it's turning out. 

After seeing Bryce's Mom's placemats in Vail, I realized that was the missing piece to our new dining table. We found some square and modern ones that really accent the other colors and are pumped how they look!

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