Monday, April 01, 2013

Hot Crossed Buns Bake-Off

What is a Good Friday without a little Bermuda/British tradition of Hot Crossed Buns?!?

I've never had them before so Flora and I decided to have a fun bake off. We both eat gluten free so we figured it would be somewhat of an even event. Although I had to keep mine dairy free as well, I found a great recipe online. The first pic shows the buns 'rising'. Mine are on the right and Flora's on the left. The above pic is what Flora's first batch looked like. Can we say Hot Crossed Pancakes?!?!?

She did a great job attempted to decorate but I think she must have forgotten a leavening agent of some kind :) Although I couldn't try them, apparently they weren't too bad. Her second batch with added flour and Xantham Gum were pretty ridiculous too...I guess anything with a ton of frosting can't taste too bad!

With his new haircut and our friend's pug begging incessently, Bryce enjoyed a few of my Hot Crossed Buns! I think we made 10 and there are currently zero left as of this Monday morning. I guess it's okay since we rode MTB's for 4hrs Saturday then hiked and dirt biked all day on Sunday. With sunny skies and mid 60 degree temps both days, I couldn't think of a better way to spend our Easter weekend :)

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