Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Help, I'm addicted to interior design!!!

Maybe I should stop watching HGTV all the time then, huh? I do have to admit though, we haven't bought/remodeled anything just because...every dime spent has gone towards enhancing the overall space so that it flows better and is convenient for everyone who lives here :)

Our newest table/rug addition was something that was much needed. After rearranging to actually have a dining space in the house, we realized that a welcoming table that fit more than 4 people was much needed. Since the space between the kitchen and living room is a bit tight, we knew that a bench seat would be the key to keeping the congestion down. We pieced together this set from IKEA (of course) and really couldn't be happier. Much better than what we had before (pictured below)!

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