Monday, December 10, 2012

Cranking Stuff Out

I wish I had more exciting things to report but as I've mentioned several times before, I'm totally swamped with work these days. Although I'm still not quite back to drinking my regular cup of coffee each morning, I have been indulging in a cup of decaf every once in a while and have been eye-ing one of those automatic one cup machines. As an early Christmas present to myself (and for working my butt off), I splurged on a fancy Platnium Keurig Coffee Maker this weekend. I got a variety of decaf cups and Bryce even got a package of Hot Apple Cider cups...might be the best splurge to date :)

Bryce has also been hard at work remodeling the main floor bathroom. He got the whole thing completely gutted and replaced part of the subfloor around the toilet that had rotted from a leaky seal many years ago. Busting out the bathtub already makes the room seem sooooo much bigger! Excited to see all the pieces finally put together.

There was no way I was jumping on the DH bandwagon without my partner in crime joining me so Bryce just recently purchased a frame as well. We're both looking forward to spending the winter getting them all built up and ready to shred on the Winter Park slopes!

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