Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm becoming domesticated!

My attempts at gluten/dairy/yeast free cooking have been quite the scene lately! I am seriously one of the worst cooks known to mankind so trying to prepare multiple meals a day has been a huge challenge. Although I'm still not able to eat any form of sugar/honey/fruit/etc, I've been making breakfast muffins for Bryce to take to work each morning. Apparently these GF Chocolate Chip Muffins turned out okay! I'm posting a link to each of the recipes I've made in case you're motivated to try them as well :) Remember to substitute coconut milk, vegan butter and dairy free chocolate chips for the real stuff!

Not only is it extremely difficult to get through the day without having anything sweet (I'm going on 7 weeks now), it doesn't make it any easier baking treats every couple of days for my hunny. However, I did find some good dinner recipes that I was also able to enjoy - Shepherd's Pie (made with sweet potatoes) and Chicken Pot Pie (was okay but needed some coconut milk in the filling). For whatever reason, I've been craving scones more than anything the last few days so I went to town searching for a savory recipe that doesn't use any sweeteners. I came across this amazing Olive Oil and Rosemany Scone recipe (pictured above) that 97.6% satisfied my craving! Bryce loved them too which is always a plus.

And since fall is officially here, why not start the day off with some GF Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Muffins?!? They literally just came out of the oven so Bryce hasn't had a chance to give them a whirl. However, with the way the house smells right now, I'm certain they can't be too bad :) Sorry I'm doing a 180 on the everyday bike racing blogging but this is all I've got at the moment. My health is continuing to improve slowly but not quite to the point where I feel great. The short bike rides have helped stimulate some blood movement and a better mental state but 30min is still a struggle. Hopefully each week will continue on this upswing and eventually I'll be telling you how my muffins taste and then I'll stop blogging about food because I'm too busy riding! That's the goal :)

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Erin's Mom said...

Very proud of you. Keep going..looking forward to reading your race blogs again. xoxo