Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking in the new dirt bike!

This Friday afternoon I was finally able to take my new dirt bike on her Maiden Voyage! After she got several professional photos taken by master photographer, Brent Bingham, we took off to ride all the fun trails above Edwards.

Other than a few adjustments to the brake pedal, everything seemed to be working great. I may need to find a shorter shift lever since I have such a small foot, but those are minor details. Bryce took it out for a spin to test the suspension and said he thought it felt great. Big thanks to Kyle Shaffer at Dango's Damping for helping me make it just right for my short little legs!

Here is a short clip of some of the trails we rode. I am absolutely in love with the bike and how powerful the motor is and cannot wait to race it tomorrow. I always forget how fun all the trails are right above Bryce's house in Vail and definitely see why he loved growing up there :)


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