Thursday, July 19, 2012

A more successful CU STXC

After a failed first attempt to have a decent race at one of the weekly CU Short Track races a few weeks back, I decided it was time for some vengeance! The Dealer Camp CX race is less than a week away so another short/hard race scenario effect is exactly what I need.

I felt absolutely horrendous all day and barely ate anything (still working on trying to figure out this whole stomach issue). However, I knew this race was an important piece of my training for the upcoming CX race so I slammed an Ensure and rallied like a rockstar :) Luckily it was a small field but like every race in Boulder, there were some heavy hitters.

I missed my pedal at the start and unfortunately started in 4th for the first few laps but eventually made my way up to 2nd where I chased my good friend Erin for the last 20min. The course was super fun and I felt pretty good until the last lap where I started getting pretty nauseous. I bet it was because I averaged 190bmp for 28min! Although it didn't feel very good (racing isn't really supposed to anyway), I'm glad I got my butt out there. As my coach said later that night, " It’s an important lesson to know that you don’t have to feel good to be able to go fast".

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