Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Testing out a new saddle

I'm usually all about trying new products but when it comes to bicycle saddles, I am a creature of habit! I normally use the same Specialized Body Geometry saddles on my road and mountain bikes and never think twice about it. The Ruby works like a charm on my road bike and the Phenom (above) has been perfect for my mountain bikes. The Phenom has a very narrow shape which allows me to easily get behind the seat when descending steep and technical terrain and it is also extremely stiff and lightweight. I couldn't have been happier with this seat on my full suspension bikes but I've come to realize that a very hard saddle on a hardtail does not feel so great.

Although I've never been able to ride a seat without a cutout, I decided to give the Fizik Vesta a try since I've heard good things about it, and well, I had one laying around. It doesn't have a full cutout but there is a slight curve that does allow for pressure relief in appropriate areas. Not only does it have a quite a bit of flex on the rails to enhance the comfort, the seat itself is extremely soft and cushy. The drawbacks that I have to compromise with are the fact that is quite a bit heavier and a slightly wider. I do have to think about making sure I get my butt behind the saddle in technical situations rather than just sliding back but I normally don't ride super techy terrain unless I'm on my trail bike which has a dropper post.

This is definitely the polar opposite from what I'm used to but after a couple solid rides, I think it is a much better option and my tush is much happier now :)

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