Friday, June 15, 2012

CU STXC & New Washer/Dryer

Every summer, the CU Collegiate Cycling Team puts on a Short Track race series at the Research Park in central Boulder at 6:30pm on Wednesday evenings. The course varies each week but it's always a 25min all out effort with laps around a 3 minute-ish course that is twisty, turny, and punchy. I've always had my hard days on Wednesdays with the Apex crew so I generally choose to spectate instead of participate. However, since my focus has changed to cyclocross this season this year is a bit different. These types of efforts are exactly what I need to prepare for the 45min madness of CX racing! Although I haven't done much high intensity training, I still gave this past Wed's race a whirl. I lasted a solid 15min at the all out effort then had to cruise in the last 3 laps. It's such a different type of effort and the 90 degree heat/dust didn't help. It's also difficult to get motivated for such a hard race that late in the day. All in all, it can only get better from here and I'm looking forward to seeing progress throughout the upcoming races!

On a totally opposite note, we are learning the various drawbacks to being homeowners and landlords very quickly these days. After discovering a leak on the main floor bath, we had to have a plumber come out to fix that, then pay a drywall guy to patch up the ceiling and just recently our dryer took a crap. The washer had been stopping on the rinse cycle for months so we just gave in and bought both a new washer and dryer for everyone's sake!

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