Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun with the Moto Boys

After the National Enduro in Wyoming last weekend, we brought back a few of the factory boys so they could take some time of the dirt bikes and enjoy the Colorado summer activities. They had some fun times downhill mountain biking in Winter Park on Tuesday then headed over to Keystone on Wednesday to shred once more!

Unfortunately, Bryce and I both had to get some work done so we weren't able to join in the non-pedaling activities. However, I was able to take two of them out on pedal bikes up to Betasso and Benjamin the following day and give them a taste of my type of riding :) Other than lots of heavy breathing, they both rocked it and had a great time. Nick took off this morning to head back to Ohio for a moto race so I'll be bringing Russ up to WP for another fun weekend while Bryce gets rowdy at a bachelor party in Vegas!!!


Janice Hassel said...
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Janice Hassel said...

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