Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting back in the kitchen!

It's not that I dislike to cook, it's just that I don't have much patience when it comes to waiting for my food to cook when I'm starving! Me...impatient?!? Never. Hehe. I've always been this way and that's why 90% of the meals I eat are thrown together with random foods that are in the house. Bryce and I definitely have staple meals, i.e. pizza, nachos, grilled cheese, pasta, pancakes, etc, but I always incorporate a bed of spinach and veggies in my diet no matter what we eat. We have recently brushed the dust off our old cookbook (Cooking Light - meals in 15min with 5 ingredients or less) and have been enjoying a lot of variety in our lunches and dinners. After hearing nothing but great things about Allen Lim's new book 'The Feed Zone', we decided it couldn't hurt to pick it up and give it a go since we are on a good cooking streak! After a quick flip through, I was astonished at how delicious all the meals looked and how dummy proof they were to make. Since I developed a nasty cold this weekend and unfortunately wasn't able to join the crew for the MTB race in Laramie, I took the opportunity to make a few things from the book. I'm normally terrified for people to taste anything I bake but this time was different and I'm really anxious to try out more dishes. Click on the photo above to find out more the book and where you can get it!

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