Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Mechanical of the Year

This past week, I had my first bicycle mechanical of 2012. I couldn't figure out why my bike was 'ghost shifting' on me and why adjusting the barrels on the shift levers weren't helping...alas, the moment I stood up to pedal up a big hill, my chain snapped and it all made sense :( The crappy part of the story is that A) I didn't have a quick link or a pin fix the chain and B) a friend lost the tire lever that went with my multi-tool and that was the part that was used to work the chain tool. Thankfully, two really nice guys came by and had both a pin and a functioning chain tool so I wasn't going to be stranded!

The first thing I did when I got home was order that missing lever that operates the chain tool on my multi-tool and Daimo at the Service Course got me set up racer style with a quick link on my brake housing. Although I put on a new chain and shouldn't have issues any time soon, I should now be prepared for any chain issues that could arise while out shredding on the trail :)

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