Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Champion System Cycling Clothing


This year, we are fortunate to have Champion System clothing as one of our new sponsors for the Timex Multisport team. I have been thoroughly impressed with the new cycling kits and thought you might like to know why their products rank really high on my apparel scale :)

Not only does the design and color pop aesthetically, their proprietary flatlock stitching design really compliments the overall look of the gear while also giving it a more comfortable feel.

With all clothing companies, there are endless options when customizing cycling apparel. You have choices with fabrics, sleeve types, seam types, zipper lengths, form fits, etc. Whoever did the designing on the Timex's kits couldn't have read my mind more perfectly as to what would be the best options :)

The flat seam designs on the sleeves and bottom of the jersey are my absolute favorite. The garment stays in place without riding up and it even looks really nice with a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts! I'm also a big fan of the full length zipper and the UV protection fabric that is lightweight and extremely breathable. 

Some of the other nice features are the built in tags and the three large pockets on the back of the jersey. I also have to give a huge applause to Champion System because they truly do offer a great 'women's specific' line of clothing with superb fits. You can instantly tell that the cuts were truly designed for women the second you put the apparel on. The jerseys fit snug in just the right places and the shorts are the perfect length! 

 Not everyone is a fan of bib cycling shorts but I honestly couldn't ride in anything else! It's definitely not the most convenient when you need to go to the bathroom (if you're a girl), but there's nothing worse than having the top of shorts digging into your tummy while you're riding.

One of the biggest concerns with bike shorts for most women is how tight the bottom seam fits around your quad/thigh region. The recent trend has been moving towards seamless legs and CS did a phenomenal job incorporating this in their products. The fit is much more flattering and so comfortable.

The silicon leg grippers help keep the shorts put so there is no cinching or riding up during all types of rides. This might be my most favorite piece of my entire kit!

The final great feature of the CS Razor Edge bib shorts is the mesh straps with the radio/ipod holder. The fit is just snug enough to keep everything in place but not too tight where it feels like your being squeezed into your shorts - trust me, I've had that feeling before! Overall, I'm really excited about our partnership with Champion System and really look forward to trying out all the great pieces they have designed for us. From various triathlon apparel to cyclocross skinsuits, we are going to be one good looking team representing a rockstar brand!

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Madeleine Macy said...

I love this Champion Clothing, it fits well and in black it is slimming.