Monday, April 30, 2012

The Typical Erin & Bryce Weekend

I generally don't get much enjoyment racing my road bike but there are a few select races in the Spring time that contain significant dirt sections that are pretty fun to jump into. The Koppenberg is one of Boulder's classic races that is 5.5 mile loop with over 300ft of climbing per lap and a gnarly steep dirt hill that breaks up the field. I've raced it in the past and thought it would be a great way to start the weekend. Although I had to race in a category down, I still had a great time and got in a good workout. I got pipped on the line for the win but considering the sprint work I've done over the past 6 months, it wasn't a surprise. It was so great to see some old friends and faces and it got the blood flowing for the upcoming 5 hour ride to Nebraska.

We had to make a mad dash to Crawford, NE in order to get registered on time but we made it. We had some pizza and cookies for dinner then watched a moto movie in the van to get pumped up for the next day's race. It was quite chilly outside and we were worried it would be too cold in the van but it was actually really nice. The 6:45am rider's meeting came quickly and before we knew it, we were out racing. Bryce was having an amazing day until his chain broke after the 6th check. Super big bummer and the first ever mechanical DNF of his career. My day was a complete shit show with a variety of issues from crashes to getting stuck in mud holes to making a wrong turns, etc. I somehow made my way onto the A/B course because some crazy environmentalist lady took down the sign so my day was extended by an extra 2.5hrs of riding. I won't complain as it was a lot of fun trail, but I was a little unprepared and knew Bryce was going to freak out when I wasn't back on time. Regardless of the crappy results, we're both in one piece and still smiling - that's all that counts. There will be many more races to crush ass and take names :)

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