Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Stuff

It's scary to think that our summer schedule is pretty much set and like every year, we have very limited weekends in Boulder. Since the weather was supposed to get very ugly on Sunday, we decided to do a little tour of Boulder's local trails with a few good friends on Saturday.

The boys at The Service Course (a client of mine), built up a set of custom 29er wheels for me with Stans rims and XTR hubs. I wanted to get them a good trial so we gathered the troops and did a 4hr adventure on all the singletrack we could find out south. 

We had an absolute blast until I almost ran over a huge king snake in the middle of the trail. You might have to enlarge the photo, but there's definitely a massive snake that was coiled up in the middle of the trail that I almost rolled over. After coming to a complete screaming halt and having Mel and Bryce almost run into me, I'm pretty sure we pissed the thing off bad. He slithered off the trail and began hissing like I've never seen a snake hiss before. It's been a while since I've freaked like that but it was scary...funny afterward but dang, not cool when it happened :) The rest of the weekend was relaxing and chill. We did another fun MTB ride around town on Sunday then caught up on some work, laundry, errands and sleep.

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