Thursday, March 08, 2012

The doldrums of moto preparation

Not only does the preparation for a moto race take a solid week, it also sneaks up on ya pretty quickly! I usually let Bryce do the dirty work in the garage which includes everything from oil changes, tire changes, air filter changes, fixing the misc broke pieces on my bike and packing up the van.

We have over 20 air filters in the house, but somehow all of them are always dirty. It's a process to get them clean so when Bryce does tackle that project - it looks a little something like the above pic!

I'm always in charge of washing gear and goggles then making sure we have all the food we need for the trip. 

Since we are embarking on our first trip in the new van and do not plan on going into town, I had to make sure we had all the necessities so that I could make myself some coffee in the mornings! We did some research and it turns out the JetBoil Flash (above) was the best bang for our buck. It heats 2 cups of water in less than 90 seconds and it's super compact.

In order to save space and not be reliant on a cooler for my creamer, I tested out the Via coffee from Starbucks with some individually packaged flavored creamer and I think it will do the trick :) I've also got a whole bunch of prepped food from pizza to sandwiches to chips/cookies so we should be all set to go. Really looking forward to our first road trip in ''Big Black''!

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