Monday, March 05, 2012

Catching up!

 After a long day of working on the stereo system in the van, Bryce was finally able to get it working :) We have one minor issue to resolve (it cuts out when we slow down), but other than that, it sounds amazing!

We had a fun weekend of moto and MTB planed in Pueblo so it was our first go at bring both sets of toys down. Our original bike mount wasn't long enough so we'll have to do some modifications, however, we definitely got a great system of organization together.

After the drive down to Pueblo on Saturday morning, we rode moto with the boys at PMI all day then went to Ray's to watch Supercross and get a good night's sleep. Early Sunday morning, we met up with Shelby and Branden to do a fun MTB ride at Lake Pueblo State Park. Although it was crazy windy, it was soooo nice to get back on the mountain bike. 

The wind finally died down and it was almost 70* by noon on Sunday! Not bad for the beginning of March. We packed up the van once again then headed to PPIR to go play on bikes with motors. Bryce and I were both a bit whooped but we still managed to crank out some good laps and feel good about our moto races next weekend in TX.

Since IKEA was on our way home, we decided to stop in to see if we could find some sort of decoration for the wall next to the TV. My philosophy of life is quite simple - no kids, no pets, no plants. I know it sounds terrible to some, but I love my freedom and already have 100 million other things on my mind to take care of. After browsing through the store, we came across this tree that looked perfect for the space. Since it wasn't real, I gave in and it actually turned out looking pretty good!

We also purchased a few new pots and pans along withe some random kitchen decor. That store is seriously a big time danger zone for me...I can't go in there without my mind going nuts! Luckily Bryce was there to put the kibosh on my wandering :)

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