Monday, December 05, 2011

A relaxing weekend!

Since the first weekend in November, this was the first weekend we were not up at the condo in WP fixing it up and getting it ready to rent! Instead, we did a lot of relaxing, a little shopping and a bit of walking. Although I did find out that I am no longer testing positive for Epstein Barr on Thursday, we got a bunch of snow this past week so going on any sort of bicycle ride was out of the question. Instead, we did a few snow walks all bundled up which was just as much fun. We also did some present wrapping and tree decorating. Above is one of our new 2011 ornaments. We decided that we would buy 2 new ornaments each year for the tree that were meaningful instead of a bunch of generic stuff. I couldn't looks sooooo real!

Bryce also received an early birthday present from our roommate, Joe. He won a 24 pack of Red Bull in his race on Saturday and knows how much Bryce loves that crap so he put the pack under the tree for him :) Too funny!

To top off the weekend, we also planned out some fun new meals to cook for the week as well as bake some delicious ''Peanut Butter Buckets'' to celebrate Melanie's birthday and engagement on Monday evening! The recipe called for 40 cookies but between Bryce and I nibbling on batter and a few completes, I think we manage to save just under 30 :) Oops!

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