Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Since we just finished setting up the condo in Winter Park, we decided to celebrate the holiday season with our families at the new place :) We had a Bingham-Kummer gathering on Christmas Eve that included hikes, laughs, chats and lots of good eats!

Christmas Day was filled with more delicious foods, another great hike, lots of relaxation and fun times with our good friend Shelby!

We headed back to Boulder late Christmas night where we indulged in Chinese food and opened our gifts. I'm not going to lie, almost everyone had a pretty good idea of what they were getting but we did have some great surprises. Last year we inherited Courtney and Tito's 2000 piece puzzle that was on our floor for almost 3 months before it got finished so this year my parents bought us another one but included a cool mat that can be used to store or transport the puzzle so we can work on it anywhere!!! Perfect gift :)

As always, there were many new MTB and moto videos to be unwrapped and watched! We actually watched all three over two days and everyone loved them!

I had planned Monday as a relaxation day with some go-karting in the late afternoon, however, when we got to Unser to rip it up, they were booked solid for the next 4 hours! I was super bummed out but there's always next time. Instead, we went shopping on Pearl Street and had a great dinner at the Gondolier. My mother even got her ''New Year'' picture of Jerry and I for the yearly card! Big thanks to my family for coming out and spending the holidays with us at our homes and battling the crazy holiday madness!

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Awesome I have some new (to me) videos to watch with you guys. E-ride!