Monday, November 14, 2011

We're making progress!


 After this weekend, I'm pretty sure I never want to see a paint brush or a can of paint EVER again!!! After a bit of a stressful day on Friday, I headed up to the condo with Shelby in the afternoon to crank out some oh so dreading ceiling painting. Quite obviously I'm not very good at it either!

Bryce drove up later that night and after a good night sleep, we were ready to crank out some major work Saturday. One of the first items on the list was to switch out the front door lock and install some weather stripping so it doesn't snow inside anymore :) As an added touch, we replaced all the interior door knobs with new stainless ones!

While Bryce cranked out his projects, Shelby and I were busy painting, painting and more painting. I honestly hate painting but we really didn't have much of a choice unless we wanted to stare at poop brown colors everywhere! Along with painting walls, I had to re-paint all of the trim which is soooo tedious! I got through it but swore I wouldn't pick up another brush after Saturday

I stayed true to my promise and didn't touch one paint brush on Sunday. However, my hand is still sore from building endless amount of furniture from IKEA. I do have to admit that their products are by far the simplest to put together than another other brand I've ever worked on! We're both extremely excited about the new dining table...not only because it looks awesome but there are actually 2 leafs underneath that you can add to make seating for 8-10 people.

We don't have all our furniture yet but adding the simple things such as curtains, a side table and rug really make the room feel more like a home.

Add a TV and stand and it really feels like a home :)

Oh the infamous red couch! This thing has the world's greatest queen fold out mattress in it but holy crap is it heavy. I'm still not quite sure how, but somehow Bryce and I managed to get it from the van to the living room.

To top the weekend off, we built the night stands, dresser and bed frame for the master bedroom. I've been extremely impressed with everything from IKEA but unfortunately got stumped because we didn't purchase a $10 center beam for the bed frame separately. How difficult is that to add into the box and how many people leave the store without getting that miscellaneous extra piece? It's a good thing that we weren't planning on sleeping there and that I've got another trip planned to visit IKEA later this week!

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