Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another close call

For whatever reason, I cannot seem to keep my iPhone with me to save my life. From leaving it on the top of my car and having it fly off on I-70 to leaving it in the grocery basket at Safeway, I seriously think I need one of those fancy wrist phone carriers so I don't lose it anymore! It just can't be pink :)

Although misplacing my phone is a serious problem, I do have to say that Apple's new ''Find My iPhone'' application is pretty darn cool. Bryce downloaded it to his phone, typed in my info and tada, found my phone inside the grocery store. Once the phone is found, you have the option to lock the phone remotely or even wipe all the info inside the device right from the application. Yes, the app is neat but it's not an excuse to constantly misplace and forget my phone everyone always tells me 'Erin, SLOW DOWN'...I'm working on it!

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