Thursday, November 03, 2011

OMG We Finally Closed!!!

After all the craziness, I honestly wasn't sure we were EVER going to actually get this condo in Winter Park. We had everything ready by mid September for an October 7th closing but with the appraiser taking 3 weeks and a huge rush of other loans and refinances going through our lender, everything kept getting pushed  back and back and back. Although it was a very frustrating time period for us, it's all water under the bridge now and we're super excited to bring on the joys of home ownership x2! We plan on getting the ball moving this weekend then hitting the remodeling hard throughout the rest of November in hopes to have it rented by December through the ski season. Once the snow has melted, we plan on spending almost every weekend up there riding mountain bikes and dirt bikes and letting all family and friends enjoy the place free of charge! Let us know if you're up for some painting and furniture building over the next couple weekends because we could sure use some help :)

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