Thursday, July 07, 2011

More Global Trainer Demos!

Wednesday evening was scheduled for our 3rd Global Trainer Demo at Runner's Roost. This time we were headed to the Denver store in the heart of the city. Although it is a mere 35min drive without traffic, we hit some major construction and it took over 1.5hrs to get there :(

We arrived 5 minutes after the club runners took off, defeating the purpose of the demo, but we set up and decided to do a big Q&A instead.

There were well over 50 people there for the run so Denny, Will, Trista, Brian, Christine, Wendy and myself ran through all the various functions and features of the watch and programs that go along with it.

We rescheduled the ''demo'' for the first week in August and as everyone walked out, all we heard was that they can't wait to see us next time!

Along with tons of great questions on the Global trainer, we had a lot of interest in the Timex Race Trainer Pro as well as the new GPS watch that will be launching later this fall. Although the runner were unable to physically try out the product this time, they loved being able to touch/feel/learn about it and get hyped up for the August 3rd Demo :)

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Martin said...

Hi Erin. Nice to see the White WS4 - not seen many of those since the GT came out! What is the white model you have on? I'm intrigued by what the new GPS model will be like now...!