Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Another Epic Weekend!

Although our 4th of July weekend got off to a rocky start on Saturday with Bryce forgetting to bring his helmet to the moto track and me blowing up during a hard road ride, we pretended that didn't happen and drove to the mountains for 2 more days of good fun!

After a stellar meal at Vista, we hit the hay and woke up refreshed and ready for a killer ride with some good friends.

We ventured up to the first section of the Beaver Creek XTERRA course then continued up and up and up. It looked a little like the graph above!

We eventually made it over 10,500ft and it was amazing. It definitely wasn't easy getting up there but we all made it and enjoyed some seriously fun singletrack descending on the way down. Big thanks go out to Tyler for playing tour guide as well as letting us come lay out by the pool after the big adventure!

Later that evening, we had yet another delicious meal at the Bingham's then hiked up to the top of their neighborhood to watch the fireworks. We had planned a big moto ride for Sunday but called it a bit short since we were really tired then relaxed the rest of the day. Another great one in the books :)

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