Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Moto Trails!

I've always been told about how great the moto trails in Woodland Park are, but for whatever reason, every time we've made plans to go ride out there, something has come up.

Not this time though...after rounding up the Boulder crew (Bryce, Tony, John and Zach), we made the 2 hour drive down I-25 and met up with our tour guides, Ray and Ken.

They did a fantastic job of leading us through a maze of incredible trail for over 5.5hrs! It was Zach and John's first rides on their new dirt bikes and it was smiles all around.

Everyone and their bikes came back in one piece even after Tony launched his bike 15ft off a cliff and watched it somersault 3 or 4 times. How it only got a few scratches, no one will ever know :)

It was a VERY dusty day but that's why we love playing in the dirt...getting dirty is FUN :) Thanks Boys for a great day on the motos!

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