Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hipster Parties & Timex Clinics

Friday evening was another one of Allen's fun theme parties. This time it was a ''Hipster'' theme and everyone looked pretty sweet.

Best costume of the night goes to Joe who actually had Tingle put mascara on his mustache to make it look more full! Absolutely ridiculous.

After a fun night, Brian Schaning and I got up early to drive to the Chatfield State Park in Denver to do a clinic for the BikeSource Multiport Club. We began with a chill 30min jog (I rode my bike) to get to know the attendees, had some bananas and bagels, then got into the good stuff.

Trista gave some very kind introductions of Brian and I then we began each of our presentations. Brian chatted about open water swimming tips and tricks as well as everything and anything you need to know about wetsuits. I was up next and presented on pre-race, race day and post-race Nutrition using several of my preferred Powerbar products. Lastly, Trista wrapped up the talk with a lot of valuable information about hydration and the effects of diuretics, electrolytes, etc.

We received a lot of great questions on each topic and had a great turnout. Big thanks to Trista for organizing. Hope everyone came home with a little something new to try!

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