Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where is the Chronic Fatigue now?!?

I haven't mentioned much about the status of the Chronic Fatigue in a while since it's honestly been fairly consistent. I feel about 80% back to normal and have a few 95% days and a few really bad days. I've been continuing to take the high dosages of medication prescribed to kick this thing out of my system and have been doing monthly blood work to ensure it hasn't been affecting any other internal functions. After last week's round of blood tests, the labs showed that my B12 and Ferritin levels were quite low and I had a bit of macrocytosis (larger than normal red blood cells), most likely caused by the low B12 as well as the medication. As much as I really dislike taking pills, supplements, vitamins, etc., it looks like I'm back on the bandwagon with a few more things to consume on a daily basis. I guess it's not all that bad if I can get myself back to 100% soon :)

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