Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are YOU doing for Mother’s Day?!?

Since my mother’s birthday is in April and Mother’s Day is in May, I decided to go big in 2008 and introduce her to the sport of cycling with a flashy new road bike. She has always been intrigued with the sport as a spectator so I figured it was a perfect chance to get her started and an epic Mother’s Day/Birthday treat!

It has been 3 years since she began riding and has already completed several 100 mile rides, attends numerous spin classes each week and is now in the market for a mountain bike after giving mine a test ride. I’m so excited that she is able to enjoy and share something that I have such a passion for. There really is no better way to increase a mother-daughter bond :)

If purchasing a bicycle isn’t in your price range, I completely understand! Another gift that I would suggest is the Timex Fitness Tracker. I gave this to my grandmother last year and I swear she thanks me every time I speak with her. Click here to learn more about the product and watch the video below to see if this is the right gift for your mother!

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