Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Texas weekend in the books!

After a long ride down to Texas on Friday night, we made it out to the course just in time for the Women's GP race!

I had a terrible start and got held up in the trees but managed to work my way up throughout the race. The 3 mile course was a super fun with some tight tree sections and a fast grass track. We rode for just under and hour and I finished with a solid 3rd. It was a great warm up for Sunday's big race.

After prepping bikes and getting everything ready for the big race on Sunday, we got some food then checked into our hotel. We booked a room at a Bed and Breakfast in a town of what seemed had a population less than 25 and had quite the experience.

There were only 16 rooms available in the entire place and we stayed in ''Miss Daisy's Room''. There was one public shower for all guests but each room had it's own bathroom. The building was built in the early 1900s so whenever anyone made a move, it creaked through the entire place! We had a personal wake up call in the morning and a home cooked breakfast ready at 6am. Although it was like nothing we had ever experienced, it was really fun and the service was unbeatable.

Race morning was typical and very relaxed. I started on row 75 so I had plenty of time to make sure everything was in working order. I rode with Jud Barlow and his son Kolten who was on an 85 and little Bryce Smith who was on a 65. It was a brutal day of trail, ruts, hills, etc, but we all made it to the end. Bryce had some issues getting back into town after the final special test but everyone got back safe and sound. I learned some good lessons about taking my time at the gas stops instead of hurrying to the next check by losing several trail points for being late to 3 special tests. You never know how long the transfer section is between the gas stop and the next check so the rule of thumb is gas and go! I definitely won't screw that up again!

All in all, it was a great day of racing! Bryce finished inside the top 20 which is a great result for him at this race and I finished 3rd in the women's division behind 2 speedy girls. Ron rocked a top 10 and the rest of the RMEC crew came home with numerous trophies. The most exciting aspect of the race for me was being able to stay focused and alert for almost 6hrs on the bike...HUGE milestone :) Apologies for the lack of pictures from Sunday's race, I'll post some soon if they are available.

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