Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another great weekend

This past weekend began with a much needed walk to Whole Foods for a healthy dinner, then to Target to purchase a heated blanket for our bed. I've been begging Bryce to get a heated mattress pad like I had back in MI, but he usually just laughed and said "really?". After he spent the night at Ray's house last weekend, he used a heated blanket for the first time and came home asking if we could get one for our place. Ha! What better way to keep warm when the house is 60 degrees!

Saturday was the 2010 Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit banquet in Denver. There was a product show beforehand and it was the perfect opportunity to set up the Powerbar and Timex displays and promote my Nutrition and Fitness Clinic for endurance moto riders later this season.

Bryce and I both received awards and as always, it was great to see the usual crowd. After a long night at the banquet we all met up at a private moto track to rip it up this afternoon. Everyone kept commenting on how well Bryce was riding his new bike and I finally learned how to double some little jumps!

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Electric blankets don't make you tough!