Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to Nebraska

After a slow start Saturday morning, we finally got in the van and drove to Sidney, Nebraska. It was only a 3hr drive so nothing too extreme. However, when we arrived, it was 48 degrees and FREEZING! We jumped on our dirt bikes and did a few laps on the moto track then mingled with some friends and got Bryce signed up for the race. Then we went to Cabela's!

Since their headquarters is located in Sidney, they have a HUGE store with just about everything in it.

From aquariums to giant stuffed 'real' animal outdoor scenes, they have it all. Of course we couldn't help ourselves so we ran around like 5 year olds and caused quite a scene. After that, we had a lovely dinner with a bunch of people at Perkins then hit the Motel 6 for a few zzzzzz's. Oh Nebraska!

Sunday morning came quickly and although it was supposed to be 91*, it was still in the 40s at 7am. Our good friend Scott Bright was putting on the race and desperately needed volunteers so I decided to help out since I couldn't race. I ended up being the start/flag girl and had to scream 30 seconds, 10 seconds, GO (while waving the flag) for 45 rows and 5 tests...that's a total of 225 times! Let's just say I don't have a voice today and my right arm is sore!

It was a VERY dusty day in Sidney and the terrain was super fast and wide open. This isn't exactly Bryce's cup of tea, but with the power of his new 450, he didn't come out too shabby! Good job B :)

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I often stop at Cabela's when driving the truck to break up the boredom and for a place to walk around. I've probably been to that one too but as you know they all look the same! On Sundays you can tell people go to church then visit Cabela's afterward in their sunday best.

Sweet moto's. Found another moto I might go look at. Kawa 400.