Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project 1 Complete

This is how it all began...cut out some carpet, rip out the trim, clean up, lay some thinset and tile, then grout away.

Then we added some cabinets, a mini fridge, a counter and a few accessories.

Then, it was time for the stuff we can't do ourselves...We hired our wonderful friend Ryan Hamity to do all the electrical and under the cabinet lighting and Bob Bieterman to do all the plumbing/drain work as well as install a disposal under the sink.

And tada...after installing a sink, adding some cabinet hardware and purchasing a hotplate and microwave, we are 99% done with a sweet little kitchenette for our renters in the basement! A fresh coat of paint and an over the sink dish rack is all that's left. Stay tuned for more remodels! I've become an HGTV addict and have more ideas than you could ever imagine :)

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