Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend plans go sour...

Let me just start by stating that I have the most amazing family and boyfriend in the entire world...

After Bryce picked up my parents from the airport Wednesday evening, we enjoyed a great night on the patio while I grilled up some burgers and we all caught up on life. Thursday was a pretty low key day with lots of relaxing and packing and some quality time with the folks. Unfortunately, that evening is when everything hit the fan :(

After dinner on Thursday, I began feeling incredibly sick to my stomach and was not able to fall asleep until 6:30am on Friday morning. After a few hours of tossing and turning, I finally got up to get things packed for the weekend trip to CA. I still felt unbelievably horrible but sucked it up because I knew how important this trip was to Bryce and my family. After running around and getting everything taken care of with all my clients, we finally made it to the airport for our 6pm flight. Our flight kept getting delayed every hour and I kept feeling sicker and sicker as the time went by. At 9:30pm, we still hadn't boarded. By the time we would have arrived at my brother's place in LA, it would have been well after 2am so after shedding several tears, the decision had been made for Bryce and I to pull the plug on the trip.

Bailing on my brother's first triathlon is the absolute last thing I could ever imagine doing, but I honestly couldn't make it. I have spent all day sleeping and lounging around and still feel so crappy that venturing out of the house really isn't even an option. Whatever strand of this virus that has taken over my body has hit me incredibly hard. I am doing everything I can to stay put, rest and recover but I have yet to see any improvement. I will continue to do everything I am told so that I can get healthy soon. Stay tuned.

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