Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's about time I get to thanking the wonderful bunch who helped me design, create and host my amazing new website! Gregory and Erin Menvielle have not only been preparing for their first child to arrive late this month, but also busy dealing with me and of course taking care of their many other clients who use their services and software through Pyramedium.

At Pyramedium, they can help you acquire, launch, and benefit from software solutions that are most adapted to your needs. They offer a series of web-based solutions such as inventory and maintenance, organization and content management that can help you with specific services, and consulting needs. They also offer systems that can lower your costs and risks, or generate new efficiencies and greater business value with E-commerce, Analytics and Software as a Service.

They are a fantastic group to work with and I can assure you they will meet and exceed any of your expectations. If you have a need for any of their services, or just want to see if they can create something specifically for you, please contact them by clicking on the logo above!

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