Monday, June 14, 2010

A weekend of Moto in Angel Fire, NM

Friday afternoon we ventured to Pueblo to spend the evening at our friend's place so we could get an early start to New Mexico to make the practice session for the big moto race on Sunday!

We made it just in time to ride around and check out the 6mi course. It was so dusty in certain spots that you couldn't even see your front fender. It was also super rocky with a really steep decent and lots of windy tree sections. Fun and technical...just the way we like it! After a short nap, we woke up to a crazy hail storm that eventually turned to rain that never really stopped. Although we all wanted some moisture, we definitely got a little more than we would have liked.

Since my race started at 8am, it was slicker than all can be. I was a bit worried about several of the really technical sections but had a killer first lap without any issues...for once I was actually held up by other riders that couldn't get through some of the rough spots. However, the second lap was a totally different story. I was riding really well but because the loop was so short and I started over 8min behind the first group, I was getting caught. I had several unfortunate issues with a bunch of agro C riders that really sucked so I just bagged it and went for a great trail run. Let's just say that getting clipped and tossed off your bike by someone who had over 1oft to pass x4 just doesn't do it for me. It was a bummer because I really was having an absolute blast on the course. Oh well.

The Pro guys were a little more fortunate with their start time. They took off at 11:30am and according to Bryce, the course was in great shape! He had a bit of a rough start (see below) and had a big crash in the first lap which put him in a crappy position on the trail but all in all rode well.

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