Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A quick update

The house is really coming along and we're chipping away at all the little stuff slowly but surely. No, we still don't have water to the fridge, but we do throughout the rest of the house. I'm secretly hiring a plumber when Bryce is at work next week and it will all be fixed :)
I'm still broken. Lots of different things going on but as for now I'm wearing this pelvis belt 24/7 for two weeks to help hold my pelvis in place as it continues to heal (or starts for that matter). I also have to do these crazy ''inner ab'' exercises to help strengthen the muscles that hold my pelvis in place. They mostly consist of imitating the same act of trying to hold your pee then release. Apparently that activates all the inner muscles around the pelvis...I know you just tried, huh? Lastly, I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week as there may be a possibility of a sports hernia in that area. Fingers crossed it's not and that more aggressive therapy will be the cure of this ridiculous injury train.

On a more positive note, I will be heading to the new Timex Performance Center in New York tomorrow morning for our annual team camp. I'll have tons more to report on that as it's always an adventure.


Erin's Mom said...

Hey...those are the same exercises women do after they deliver a baby! least you will know how to do them when and if it that time ever comes!!

ARX said...

That looks uncomforable!