Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day!!!

...and what else do you think we would be doing?!?!

Working on the house of course! But only because we've taken a few weeks off and really wanted to get a few quick things done.

Unfortunately 'quick' wasn't exactly how it happened. Apparently hooking up the water to the fridge for ice and cold water is much harder than people say...maybe just for Bryce as he hasn't left the back of the fridge since he started working on it at 2pm on Saturday. He worked all day (and all night) then again all day today (Sunday) and I still haven't had a glass of water or showered. The water hasn't been back on since the start of the project and unless the epoxy doesn't seal the last leak tonight, it's possible we may not have a refrigerator after B knocks it over out of frustration. Stay tuned.

I, however, finished painting our room (I'll post more pics of the entire thing later) and hung a few fun decorations.

I also got our bathroom a little more tidy. With some help, we now have a towel rack, glass shelf and some cool fixtures to make the 1970s room look a little more modern...very cheap.

Instead of replacing all the brown and very old cabinets, a fresh coat of paint (or two) will do the trick for now!

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