Thursday, December 10, 2009

My roommates are dumbasses!

Jon brought home a crazy stupid hot sauce that calls for one drop from a toothpick for every gallon of chili. Him and Pamela went to a hot sauce tasting event and this was the hottest bottle available to try without signing some sort of waiver. Seriously?

I can't even handle medium salsa so this is nothing that sparked my interest, but Tingle couldn't wait to try it. She insisted that Jon put it on a tortilla chip (which is not recommended) but he did it anyway. She chomped down on the chip with 2 tiny little specs of sauce and immediately began freaking out because she thought her throat was closing and ran straight to the bathroom. As gross as it was, it was pretty hilarious at the same time. She kept telling us she thought her tongue was bleeding but we just laughed but when she opened her mouth, she really did have a huge blister right there.

Do I get to say I told you so?!?! She's pretty proud of herself and swears that this stuff is good for the metabolism. I think she's insane.

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Another awesome adventure from Tingle!