Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The cast is off!

I finally got my gnarly and stinky cast off this morning and above is what my thumb looks like nearly 6 weeks post surgery. The doc said it looks good but was a bit concerned with the extreme stiffness. I'm supposed to wear a splint when I'm in situations where I could be hazardous to myself (which really means full time) then wash dishes with hot water for the next four weeks. Hopefully getting the area warm and soft with hot water will help it loosen up and re-gain mobility.

Reading from left to right then top to bottom, you'll see the various hand apparel I've gone through since the crash on Aug 2. From the $16 Safeway splint, a post surgery bandage, a colorful and waterproof cast, and now a fancy mold-able splint, my right hand has seen it all. Some day I'll be back to normal!

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