Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Stuff

Yay, Bryce is finally riding his bike to work every day :) I couldn't be happier for him and it's so fun to be able to join in on either end of his commute. Although this is only week 1 of the new job, he's really enjoying the new environment and loves all his co-workers.

For all you bike geeks out there, I've jumped on the 1x bandwagon. It's 1x10 with a 32T Wolftooth chainring on an XTR spindle and an 11-36T XTR cassette. I've been getting pressured to also have a single speed setup as well so you may be seeing that in the near future as well!

Here's a fun pic from the CU Short Track on Wednesday night. It wasn't my best showing but came in 3rd behind good friends Erin and Karen. I think a week of entertaining plus a week of temps near 100 degrees have been sinking in :) The cooler weather of Winter Park is definitely calling my name this weekend!

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