Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Favorite Moto Race of the Year!!!

Even though it took us 7 hours to arrive in Upton, WY on Saturday night after the race, it was well worth it. This race has been on the National Enduro calendar the past few years so the race director has everything dialed. The trail is super tight and windy and I swear almost everyone out there had a shit-eating grin the entire time :)

I did have some descent crashes (as always) but I knew I had a few good test sections too. However, I was super surprised to have placed top 3 in the 250C category. After winning the women's title the past few years, the boys insisted on me moving up. I haven't been riding much so I figured getting trophies was something of the past. Guess not! Bryce was in the top 10 overall which is always a good day for him. It was a long drive home but a successful and fun weekend of racing!

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