Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little furniture switcharoo

After much debate, we decided to re-arrange the living room furniture so that we could bring the dining table over to the big open/living space on the main floor. Above is the new couch configuration to make things feel a little more cozy!

Before we had the larger of the two couches on the far wall by the patio slider and the loveseat  off the small walled section between the kitchen and the hall.

It wasn't a bad configuration, it just didn't utilize the space very well and I always felt disconnected.

The other major annoyance was that we had a dining table crammed into the kitchen nook which just didn't work. It was too big of a table and no one ever really sat there because it was uncomfortable. We have since moved the same table we had to the living area and purchased a cool extendable lamp that acts as a chandelier.

 Not the best pic to visualize the before pic of the kitchen, but you get the idea!

Our overall plan includes purchasing the same table we got from IKEA for the Winter Park condo. It fits four comfortably but includes two hidden leafs to extend the table out which makes room to fit eight!

The final piece of the re-arrangement puzzle was trying to find the right piece to fit in the kitchen nook. We lack a bit of counter and storage space so we figured something that could suit those needs would be the best option. We searched for weeks looking for the perfect sideboard/console/etc but couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars on the ones we loved. Instead, we opted for the above butcher block floating storage unit from IKEA. We wanted a darker (black) piece to match the rest of the furniture but we can paint it later if need be. For now, it's been perfect and I'm so glad we made the switcharoo!

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