Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rookie Household Mistake


After we finished installing the bamboo flooring on the main level of our place in 2010, we had a little more leftover than we thought. On a whim, we decided to get one more box of the same wood and put it downstairs in the workout room.

In part laziness and part naivety, we didn't put down a moisture barrier and just used construction glue on the concrete basement floor. Whomp whomp...bad choice. Less than one year later, the floor buckled in the center of the room. If I were into finger boarding, the ramps would actually be really cool. Unfortunately that is not the case. 

 For $133, several long hours and a lot of knuckle skin, I was able to tear out the old floor and lay down some nice rubber tiles.

We now have a ramp-free workout room that is easy to clean and great for stretching and core work as well!

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