Saturday, October 06, 2012

This week's food challenge!

So what do you eat when you can't have any of the good stuff!?!? To Bryce and I, good stuff is pizza, ice cream, muffins, savory sandwiches with cheese, nachos, cookies, cakes, etc. Unfortunately, those words/items are no longer allowed to be spoken about in our house for a while. At least until we are no longer craving them :) Since I'm still on a stricter diet than Bryce which includes zero processed foods and absolutely no sugar/fruit, I'm more of a challenge. On the other hand, we discovered some really great things that kept Bryce pretty content! Below was our first attempt to keep B free of all dairy, gluten, white potatoes, yeast and red beans:

Mon Breakfast - coconut milk chai latte, rolled oats with maple syrup and walnuts
Mon Snack - homemade GF banana bread (recipe here)
Mon Lunch - chicken stirfry with white rice and gluten free teryaki sauce
Mon Snack - carrots with homemade humms, apple
Mon Dinner - Beef shishkabobs marinated in olive oil, balsamic and random spices for the day then cooked on the grill, sweet potatoes baked and broiled to perfection in the oven

Tues Breakfast - almond milk chai latte, 2 pieces GF/Yeast Free bread with peanut butter & 1/2 banana
Tues Lunch - leftover shishkabobs and sweet potatoes
Tues Snack - Tortilla chips and salsa
Tues Dinner - Quinoa with sauteed garlic/onion and black beans/corn mixed in, plus a side of steamed broccoli with Earth Balance dairy free butter
Tues Dessert - Gluten/Dairy Free chocolate cake by Kim and Jakes ( and So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

Wed Breakfast - almond milk chai latte, piece of GF banana bread
Wed Snack - rolled oats with maple syrup and walnuts
Wed Lunch - leftover quinoa/beans/corn/broccoli
Wed Snack - cinnamon and sugar rice cakes
Wed Dinner - Quinoa with scrambled eggs, sauteed sweet potatoes and avocado
Wed Dessert - leftover cake and ice cream

Thurs Breakfast - almond milk chai latte, rolled oats with maple syrup and half banana
Thurs Snack - piece of GF banana bread
Thurs Lunch - 2 pieces GF/Yeast free bread with turkey, homemade hummus, avocado, mustard, mayo, side of tortilla chips
Thurs Snack - apple
Thurs Dinner - Gluten free pasta with red sauce
Thurs Dessert - leftover cake and ice cream

Fri Breakfast - almond milk chai latte,  GF banana bread
Fri Snack - So Delicious Coconut vanilla yogurt with Udi's GF natual granola
Fri Lunch - leftover GF pasta and red sauce, sweet potato chips
Fri Snack - carrots and hummus
Fri Dinner - Whole foods buffet - Indian food with white rice (all gluten/dairy free)

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