Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What's your favorite summer Powerbar?

Although my all-time favorite Powerbar product is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Harvest Bar, it's probably not the smartest choice to bring along to a workout during a hot summer day! Since I will forever be the biggest peanut butter lover in the entire world, I needed to find an alternative that didn't have chocolate chunks that melt inside the packaging within 10min of my workout. I began bringing Powerbar's new Pure & Simple Roasted Peanut Butter bar with me and it instantly became my new favorite summer bar. It doesn't melt, it's small enough where you can eat the entire bar at once instead of stuffing part it back in your jersey and it tastes really good. If I'm going on a long ride where I will eat multiple bars, I'll also bring the Cranberry Oatmeal flavored one too which is also very tasty. So if you're looking for a good bar for your summer workout or just a healthy snack that you would leave in your car, this is it. You can find them at your local specialty sports shop or even the grocery store. If you're in Boulder, feel free to come on by and I'll give you a few to try out! Happy Training :)

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