Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Our Asshole HOA Screws Us Again

Just after we got some cool new patio chairs and set up the deck exactly how we wanted it, we get pestered once again by our ridiculous HOA. I 100% understand why it would be illegal to have a fire pit with real wood burning, but our center piece table was nothing of the sort. The flame is controlled by a propane tank and it's actually 10 times safer than our grease covered propane grill (which is allowed). No matter how many times we tried to convey that message to the board, it was worthless. I've recently come to the conclusion that once you hit a certain age, everything you think or do is right and no one person can convince you otherwise. Life is gonna be great in 50 years!

The only positive of this situation was that we sold the firepit to a very nice couple who drove over an hour from Ft. Collins to pick it up! Now it's time for some more patio furniture shopping...who thinks I should send a complete proposal to our Architectural Committee requesting permission to put plastic table on my deck?!?!

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