Friday, August 17, 2012

Another drastic hair change!

It's been a while since I've actually had my hair cut somewhere other than SuperCuts, so Bryce out of blue bought me a gift certificate at the Urban Pearl Salon here in Boulder.

For the first time in many months, I decided to blow dry my hair a few days before my appointment just to see how long it had really gotten since my last $15 trim! After wasting 20min of my life drying and straightening it, I realized how much I dislike having long hair. It takes too long to style and it's just too easy to put back in wet mess when you get out of the shower :)

Soooooo....I went bold and got it all chopped off. With a headband, I can get a small little ponytail in the back to keep it off my neck when I eventually get back to training. Until then, I'll take the 5min to dry it since that is all it requires to wear it down.

I'm definitely not a stranger to getting large amounts of hair cut off at one time, but this is the first time I wasn't able to donate it to the Locks of Love Foundation. Above is my first donation in 2006 and below was my second in 2008. 

I was due for another donation but just didn't want another fohawk and couldn't wait any longer to grow those last couple inches :)

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