Friday, July 13, 2012

A Road Runner Sports Clinic

Thanks to Tim Hola, we did our first GPS watch clinic at the Road Runner Sports in Westminster this past week.

As usual, I had some great conversations with the attendees but the woman above's story was by far the most intriguing. She told us that instead of wearing a watch and using time to keep track of her run workouts, she carries her phone in hand with headphones attached and judges her distance by how many songs have gone by on her very specific playlist. She uses the Nike GPS App as well but only looks at it at the end of the workout and says it's generally very inaccurate. We got her set up with the new Marathon watch which tracks time/distance/pace and a few other simple things, and she said she really liked it. I definitely foresee a new Timex Marathon in her future!

We also had runners demo both the Run Trainer and the Global Trainer during this session. They all really enjoyed the watches and had fun playing with the data afterwards. I love Timex :)

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